Susan Smith Requests a New Trial, 15 Years Later.


3 thoughts on “Susan Smith Requests a New Trial, 15 Years Later.

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  2. What I find most striking about this video is the reporter pointing out that Suzan Smith referred to her miranda rights as ‘Amanda’ rights. This really calls attention to the stability, intelligence, and mental state of Smith. It is clear that this woman is uninformed about the legal system and that her call for the case to be reviewed is a desperate attempt to get out of prison.

    I don’t know much about the inner workings of prisons, so I wonder where or from whom she got the notion to bring the case back to life. I wonder if it was from an outside visitor, a fellow inmate, or perhaps something she decided to do on her own.

    This video really points to the instability of the women that are locked up in prison. It’s really rather scary.

    • I agree with you- Susan’s attempt to have a new trial does seem like a desperate attempt for her to get out of prison, but I wouldn’t use her as example of what all women in prison are really like. The justice system in this country has allowed for the number of women behind bars to swell to an extreme size, because new laws have been passed that have established “mandatory minimum” sentences for drug offenses that otherwise would have allowed women to avoid hard time in prison. From all the research I’ve done, it seems clear to me that our justice system works to provide profit for those who are building the jails and running these institutions. I agree that anyone who commits crimes should be punished, but a large majority of women in prison have suffered physical or sexual abuse or violence from those close to them and these issues need to be addressed. They have experienced trauma and this trauma does not excuse them for committing crimes, but in addition to serving time or instead of serving time they should be given the chance to turn their lives around in a constructive environment- and correctional facilities in this country right now are pretty much anything but constructive- with very exceptions.

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